Best of Instagram: February

This was actually my first February ever in Vancouver. I have lived in Canada for a year and a half now and somehow managed to avoid this infamously worst time of the year to be in the city. And what happened? The grey skies and clouds of January were parting and early spring was upon us. Cherry blossoms and all…and everyone is freaking out. Myself included. I can’t remember being so excited about seeing flower bulbs and running in a sleeveless shirt. Sleeveless, that’s right! I am not born-and-raised meaning I am usually always wearing one layer more than the average Vancouverite. While the East Coast of Canada was hit by snow and nasty minus twenty temperatures, Vancouverites were busy tweeting and instagraming the latest crocus discoveries. No wonder housing is hard to find in this city!

Okay enough #weatherbragging (thank you, Grant Lawrence) – here are my Instagram highlights of February:

Who doesn’t love the new heart-shaped bike racks? Right before Valentine’s Day this was just what the city had been waiting for…

One of my favourite Biennale pieces in the city and a great scenic route for biking, running or walking up to Stanley Park.

A weekend on Salt Spring is best spent outside, admiring the beauty of nature on the biggest gulf island.

The last little sign of winter. We found some ice on Goldie Lake, Mount Seymour. What a pretty contrast!

And last but not least – cherry blossoms!!


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