Canadian Cuisine

Most countries call a whole list of dishes uniquely their own. Dishes that are directly associated with their nationality. Let’s have a look at Italy for example, a country that has countless signature dishes like Pizza, Pasta or Gelato. France stands for Croissants, Coq aux Vin and Ratatouille and my beloved home country Germany proudly calls Sauerkraut, Currywurst and Lebkuchen their own. But what about Canada?

It’s a difficult topic. No one wants to admit that there is no such thing as typically Canadian Cuisine and that the dish that comes closest actually sounds pretty gross. Poutine. Fries topped with gravy and cheese. A dish that should only be eaten by teenagers with a crazy metabolism or extremely hungover.

Poutine via

So I went and did some research and came across the following food gems that are truly Canadian and should be promoted to become know as the national cuisine.

Spot Prawns

Spotted Prawns via

These delicious sea creatures are so well-loved, there even is a Spot Prawn Festival. If prawns are not your thing, there are amazing local oysters and mussels too! I personally am a big advocate of the Salt Spring Island mussel.

Maple Taffy

This Canadian candy is a staple at winter markets and fairs. The fresh made lollipop is a sugary treat that is fun to watch being made and sticky to eat. Watch those gloves, it can get messy!

California Roll

Hidekazu Tojo – inventor of the California Roll & chef in Vancouver via

The California roll should be called the Vancouver roll, because it was invented here. Vancouver has amazing sushi restaurants and that’s mainly because of the guilt-free fish we have access to: Sockeye Salmon, Albacore Tuna,…

Westcoast Tacos

The Tacofino Tuna Ta-taco via

As a German, Mexican food to me was synonymous to heavy, cheesy dishes with a slop of sour cream on the side. Now I know that this is far from the truth. Tacofino, a local restaurant and foodcart success story, takes it to the next level and combines Westcoast cuisine and Mexican traditions: The Tuna Taco is a piece of heaven. Mango Salsa, Tuna and Seaweed. Yum!

Candied Salmon

Candied Salmon via

A sweet fish dish. This is definitely unique and actually quite tasty, although the smell is a bit repelling. Think cat food.

Maple Bacon Donut

Maple Bacon Donut via

Put bacon on it and it’s Canadian. Donuts are a big thing here, but glazed in a maple sugar coating and topped with a piece of bacon takes you to a completely different level of indulgence. One of the best maple bacon donuts I have found is in Deep Cove at Honey’s Doughnuts.


You are not Canadian if you have never had a Caesar. This drink is definitely a national treasure. I don’t like Bloody Mary’s but I love a Caesar at the seaside. Sometimes garnished with only a bean, sometimes with a whole chicken wing or bacon, this libation is half food half drink and a true speciality that you have to try at least once!

Nanaimo Bar

Nanaimo Bars via

Coconut and chocolate – how can you go wrong? This classic dessert is a favourite amongst kids and adults alike, right up there with rice crispy squares.

Blueberry Sausage

Oyama Sausages via

I am Bavarian and know my sausage. Canadian wurst is different! There is chicken, elk, bison, pork, turkey and beef combined with apple, blueberries and other fun flavours that you could never find in Germany. Germans love their purity laws but they are missing out on something. Because this is delicious!


2 thoughts on “Canadian Cuisine

  1. As a Canadian, I think we tend to look at more “regional cuisine” rather than “national cuisine” as it really is difficult to pin down a dish or two that is seen as being ultimately “Canadian”. I do like some of your additions here as they are things I wouldn’t have thought of! And I must commend you on including nanaimo bars. I live in the UK now and whenever I feel homesick, I whip up a batch of those bad boys. Very sugary/buttery/bad for you, but oh-so good 🙂


    • That’s true. West Coast vs. East Coast cuisine is probably the best approach. Definitely have some more East Coast sampling to do, that might be a new blog post! Nanaimo bars are amazing, not surprised they help with homesickness! 🙂


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