Best of Instagram: March

It’s been a beautiful spring so far – if you are willing to ignore some of the usual monsoon rains. It was a busy, exciting month with lots of beer tasting, seawall running, island times and new writing gigs.

Beer tasting in Victoria is always a good idea. You can find craft beers that are hard to track down in Vancouver. My current Top 3 are:

1. Wolf Brewing Honey Ale

2. Upright Brewing Nr. 7

3. Salt Spring Island Creme Brulee Vanilla Stout (sounds girly but it is oh-so-good!).

Visiting Spanish Banks is one of my favourite things to do on a sunny weekend. There is a great dog beach and the view is just stunning. And look what I found hanging up in the trees. They’re back! I was bummed to have missed the Rainblossom project last year, so I was delighted to finally see it in person.

More blossoms! Lovely pink and white cherry blossoms are prettifying the neighbourhoods.

I love Salt Spring Island and spending a weekend away from my phone and computer screen. It is so relaxing to unplug and spend the weekend outside with this crazy girl.

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