Best of Instagram: April

April is a good month to get set up for the summer months ahead: I got my bike fixed (at the amazing Tandem Bike Cafe on Heather Street ) and tried to ride it down to the beach as often as possible. It was such an amazing feeling to be back at the beach, watching the sunset. Thanks to early warm weather beach picnic, dragonboating and beach yoga were part of this April. After the shock of the recent oil spill, a clean (or what looks like it) beach seems even more special. Unfortunately it takes disastrous events to make this a topic being discussed all over the city. What happens to wildlife, will the whales come back now? Will we be swimming in the ocean again? There is a lot of questions that are unanswered. But there is less people asking them by the day. I hope we can keep these concerns on the table until there are actual solutions for future spills, as tanker traffic will likely be increased.

A reminder of how lucky I am to be living in BC, was our  hike up and around Buntzen Lake. The Diez Vistas Trail was challenging (and my comeback after 2 weeks of being flu-struck) but so rewarding, the views are amazing and I love hiking towards a goal at the end – in this case enjoying a cider at the lakeside.

Free Yoga by the beach was part of the Wild About Vancouver Festival, for which I volunteered this spring. Kits Space Project organizes more free yoga sessions all summer long and I can’t wait to be back stretching under the sky.

I am a little bit obsessed with fish tacos. No surprise I love Tacofino’s Tuna Ta-Taco. I also had the chance to put my love for tacos down on paper and wrote a bike map called the Tour de Taco for You can find my map here.

We started planting up our community garden. I can’t wait to soon be carrying home spinach, lettuce, mustard greens and fresh radish. A special flower also went in – “Edelweiss” is not just a song famous from “The Sound of Music”, it’s also a rare alpine flower (with romantic meaning).

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