Mount Seymour Kathrin Kilburn

Best of Instagram: May

Outdoor events, beach posts and SUP invites are taking over my Facebook news feed: Summer has officially arrived in Vancouver. This summer is building up to be the best one yet – I have already spend more hours with sand under my feet than ever before. Leaving behind my fear of competitive school sports, I signed up for an Urban Rec Beach volleyball evening and have to say, I am hooked! Watching the sunset while goofing around on the court – what else would you want to be doing on a weekday night. I figured if I live by the ocean, I might as well move all my activities as close to the beach as possible. If I could only find a way to work on the beach (and be able to read my screen and not have my laptop overheat…).

May has been packed full with adventure: I explored Alberta and more of beautiful British Columbia, saw my first grizzlies in the wild, kayaked on the Sunshine Coast and spend two amazing days at Lake Okanagan. Before my trip I was getting restless and my motivation to keep working on making Vancouver my home was fading. Now I am more excited to be living here than ever and the possibilities of freelance and volunteering work is growing by the day – I might be on the right path after all. Enjoy my snaps from the last weeks and stay tuned for more info about wine country and my latest observations…

The Sechelt Inlet on the Sunshine Coast has been one of the most amazing places I have been to in Canada. Kayaking and hiking through the wilderness showed me yet again how lucky I am to be living here.

Lake Louise sure is a stunning sight, but my personal favourite was Emerald Lake. This peaceful spot is too beautiful for words, I have never seen water that intensely turquoise.

Lake Okanagan is famous for beautiful wineries, good food (and fruit) and a warm climate. Although we experienced some clouds and rain, we had the most amazing stay in West Kelowna, right on the wine trail. Mission Hill was obviously on the list of places to visit.

Back in Vancouver I am trying to maintain my morning running and regular hiking routine – with all the good food and wine around, this is not just a hobby, it’s a necessity. For some reason, last Sunday’s hike was my first time on the peak of Mount Seymour. I don’t know why it took me so long, the view was amazing!

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