Born and raised in a small town in Bavaria I always lived close to mountains and farms. Now I live in Vancouver- and nothing much has changed. Well, the farms are urban farms and there are less cows.

I have always been a traveller and love diving into new countries and their culture. After high school I spend a year in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. Back in Europe, I started writing as a freelance writer for several magazines while studying in Vienna. This is also where I met a guy from Canada. To cut a long story short, now I am living in beautiful Vancouver, with the love of my life and the cutest doodlie-dog Stella.

I will always be a “Münchner Kindl” and a bavarian at heart but Vancouver is where I call home now. Vancouver welcomes everyone to feel like a local – whether you are a traveller, a tourist or just settling in. Vancouverites are easy-going, open minded and free spirited people – a vibe that you will feel all across the city. Not surpisingly, living inbetween stunning beaches and mountains you can’t help but love life. Endless possibilities when it comes to food, beer and weekend trips make my city a perfect place to explore and induldge.

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