New Blogs & Favourite Bloggers: Liebster Award

Liebster-Award Liebster Award? I had no idea there was such a thing until I received an email by a fellow blogger saying she just nominated me for it! This virtual award is given to newbies by other bloggers as a way to build community and exposure. Every blogger answers a short interview and passes the award on to their favourite new bloggers. I feel very lucky that Jeannine came across my blog and nominated me. A big DANKE to Jeannine for this. Jeannine’s instagram snaps are a great running inspiration, also check out her new “Everything but Weddings” blog, a great read for (newcomer) runners. And maybe you already know her from the wedding blog Vancity Bride. So here’s my answers to the “Liebster” questions.

How did you decide on the name of your blog?

I picked a name that relates to my Bavarian heritage and to my attitude towards life. Staying curious opens doors and makes the little things in life stand out.

Where does your blogging inspiration come from?

Most of my blogs are inspired by observations or experiences that I have while travelling, walking through the city or comparing my “European life” with my life here in Canada. Sometimes the topics are born through discussions with friends or Skype calls. My post about finding friends was one of those. After talking to many expats I realized that at some point everyone struggles with this. Same story with my interview about Heimat. I am blessed with many wonderfully open-minded, wandering and wondering friends that are a constant source of (writing) inspiration.

What is it that you love most about blogging?

I love the immediate nature of blogging. Getting feedback and being able to write without having to wait for an editor or the graphic team to work through your lines is pretty sweet. I’ve been writing for print magazines for years and although nothing quite compares to seeing your own words on shiny paper, having a blog with your name on it is a great feeling (and freedom) on its own. Receiving recognitions like this award are a nice side effect of blogging as well. The blogger community might seem “exclusive” and inaccessible first, but truly it is so easy to connect and engage and everyone is so positive and encouraging – people can be kind on the Internet!

What is your favorite food?

I love Thai curries and Japanese food. I could eat sushi every day and Takoyaki is a guilty pleasure of mine. In general I love trying different cuisines and writing about food is one of the most fun things about my job. It makes me truly happy to share new gems with readers and at the same time be able to support a local restaurant, bar, food truck or coffee shop that deserves recognition.

What is your favorite thing to drink? (alcoholic or not)

Well naturally, as a true Bavarian girl, my answer has to be beer. My favourite German beer would be Tegernseer Helles and Augustiner. In Canada the brews by Salt Spring Island Ale, Wolf Brewing and Mt. Begbie have impressed me the most.

What is an item you can’t live without?

My passport!

What are eleven random facts about yourself?

  1. I am Bavarian and therefore roll my “R”. People think I am from Russia all the time.
  2. I’ve been to Siem Reap twice but have never been to Cologne, Dresden or Leipzig. I need to visit more German cities!!
  3. Seinfeld is my favourite TV show ever.
  4. I hate Sauerkraut.
  5. I love Shizenya Sushi – the Yam Tempura roll is heaven.
  6. I just started using Pinterest and already regret it.
  7. My middle name is Loni.
  8. Colour coordination is a bit of an obsession of mine.
  9. For as long as I remember I’ve been dreaming of visiting Hawaii. This year it will happen.
  10. My 87-year old granny was my bridesmaid. She’s the best.
  11. I’m terrified by the ocean (when I can’t see the ground) but I love surfing.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Vancouver is pretty much perfect. I just wish it was closer to my home country.

If you could meet anyone from history (alive or dead) who?

I would love to meet my great-grandparents.

What is your favorite outdoor activity?

Hiking and Running. Anything with beautiful scenery is such a rewarding workout to me.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Happy with my life and feeling like a true Vancouverite. I will have visited Iceland, Belize and Easter Island and have a job that allows me to travel to Europe a lot. And hold a Canadian passport…ha. Who knows?

I’d like to nominate…  Kristi used to blog about her life as a Canadian expat in Germany for the Vancouver Sun Her new project is a blog about climbing. A sport I have never tried but her inspiring posts sure make me want to give it a go! Barbara is an adventurous traveller with a background in pediatric nursing which makes her blog informative and fun at the same time.


Best of Instagram: June

Summer started early and has been going strong ever since. We haven’t had rain in weeks and after enjoying warm summer nights and beach days, Vancouver now sees a backlash of the dry and hot weather in May and June: Since Friday evening a thick smoke cloud could be spotted over Downtown and around the local mountains. Various growing wildfires outside of Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast, around Pemberton and in Kelowna in the Okanagan region are the cause of the grey fog that is getting thicker by the day. An air quality advisory has been released today for Metro Vancouver and evacuations in the affected regions are underway. The sun is blocked by the haze and rain or a change of weather is not in sight. Hopefully July will bring more rain, less fires and relief for the land.

Here’s my recap of a beautiful June, let’s hope summer can become safe and enjoyable for everyone in BC again soon.

During a beach walk below Point Grey Road I discovered this beautiful Mural by local artist Ola Volo. Check her work out here.

I am overjoyed to see that my beloved “Radler” has become a staple in the stores. Having a Stiegl brings back Vienna memories. Now we just need to introduce Almdudler, Tegernseer Helles and Aperol Spritz to the shelves.

MEC is not only a great place to shop outdoor gear, they also offer running clinics, bike events and  SUP intro courses. For only $15 (which is less than any rental place in town), you get an hour and a half training on the water, including the board. Find all upcoming events here.

Third Beach is one of my all time favourite biking destinations. Last time it involved two flat tires, but it was still worth this view.

Another favourite is Trafalger Beach, a great option for less crowded sunset dinners.

Vancouver…and what it’s really like!

The international perception of Canada lies somewhere between Arctic, lumberjack country and oh yeah, the Olympics come to mind too. No wonder tourists often seem surprised by Vancouver. It’s greener, bigger, warmer, well just completely different to what they had expected. I once was one of those clueless tourists myself but I have learned a lot over the past months…

Bears are everywhere

Yes, there are bears in British Columbia. If you live on the North Shore you might even spot one in your backyard. A more “intimate” bear sighting is generally rare but you should always be mindful of wildlife when entering bear country, especially when hiking with a dog. Stay “bear safe” by either attaching a bear bell to your dog or by keeping the dog on leash. My favourite bear rule: Don’t use floral perfumes when hiking or camping.

There is also coyotes and eagles and we do have sharks, cougars and wolves in our province. Pretty wild, eh?

It’s all lumberjacks and big trucks

This obviously depends on the part of Canada you are visiting and whether your are spending time in the countryside. Alberta yes and yes. British Columbia not really. People wear plaid and full beards but they’re more likely to work in shared office spaces and ride a fixie bike. Canadians are definitely an outdoorsy bunch and savvy on making a fire, cutting wood or attaching snow chains. Why that is? Schools offer “outdoor education” classes where kids learn such useful skills. I learned how to cheat in badminton and jump into a sandbox instead.

It’s f* cold

Canada is a big country. With big temperature differences. In March we had an early start to spring in British Columbia with temperatures between 12 and 15°C. Up on the East coast people were meanwhile complaining about freezing cold days in the minus 20s. Vancouver rarely gets snow in the city and this year even the local mountains stayed clear of snow for most of the time.

Ganges Salt Spring Gulf Islands

People love Tim Hortons

It is true, Tim Hortons is well loved for a quick and cheap caffeine fix. And for their donuts and Timbits. I tried it twice out of convenience (at the airport and at BCIT) and both times left my coffee unfinished, I just couldn’t do it. Thankfully, Starbucks is not your only alternative! Vancouverites can be proud of their coffee culture where baristas focus more on different brewing techniques and roast quality than double cream and syrups. Try Revolver, Elysian, 49th Parallel or Platform 7 coffee. On that note, a Lucky’s or Cartem’s donut beats Timmy’s anytime…

People are easy going

People are pretty laid-back in Vancouver. Most of the time, about most things. Don’t worry about forgetting spare change for the bus, smoking weed or chatting about religion or politics with strangers. There is another side though! People jumping the line, the housing market, irrational driving behaviour, constant telemarketing and Christy Clark make Vancouverites lose their calm.

Everyone owns a Kayak

…or a SUP, boat, yacht or boogie board. If you live on the coast one of those for sure. And yes, there is great surfing in Canada. Tofino is one of the most popular cold water surfing destinations worldwide. It is beautiful!

Tofino Long Beach Summer Canada

Summer is a joke

I had low expectations for my first summer. Just to find out that it rules! In Vancouver people wear Flip Flops 4 out of 12 months. Surfshorts and short running shorts even 12 out of 12. Canadians are hardcore when it comes to temperatures. Best thing about summer: City beaches like Wreck, Third and Locarno, BBQs on the beach, bike riding the seawall and amazing people watching at Kits – Vancouver is awesome in summer (Downtown not so much).


Well, this is actually true.

VANCOUVER 178 Kathrin Kilburn